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Microsoft has decided to bring Access out of retirement and include it in the Microsoft 365 collection of apps. The app is an excellent information management tool that specializes in creating databases. It comes with multiple tools that make it easy to sort and search through your database, so you can find the information you need quickly.

As a part of the essential productivity tools from Microsoft 365, Access seamlessly integrates with Word, Excel, and Outlook. You can easily import data from these apps to help curate your Access database.

Follow the steps below, and I’ll show you how to download Access, along with all Microsoft 365 apps, free for 30 days.

Download Access for Free

How to Download Access (Microsoft 365) for Free

  1. Start by clicking the Download button on the sidebar, and an Access information page will open. You will see a Download Now button. Click that the Microsoft 365 download page will open in a new tab.
  2. Under the Microsoft 365 Family box is a link for a free 1-month trial. Open that link for the 30-day trial.
    Download Microsoft 365 free for a month
  3. Press the Try 1 Month Free button.
    Try 1 month free Microsoft 365
  4. You need a Microsoft account to download the free trial. If you already have an account, you can log in here, otherwise, click on the Create Account link and follow the online instructions. The free trial is only available for new subscribers, so if you already have a subscription connected to your email address, you can register a new account under another valid email address.
  5. Even though you won’t be charged during the first 30 days, Microsoft still requires that you enter your payment details. Click the Next button to proceed to the payment page.
  6. Choose whether you want to add a credit card, PayPal account, or Mobile Pay option.
  7. Enter your payment information and click the Save button.
  8. Press the Subscribe button.
  9. After the payment method is confirmed, a Continue button will appear. Press the button to proceed to the next page.
  10. You will be redirected to a landing page with all the apps included in the Microsoft 365 suite. Click the Download Desktop Apps button, and your account dashboard will open.
  11. Click the Install Office button, and the setup file will begin downloading to your computer.
  12. Once the download is complete, open the setup file. Microsoft 365, including Access, will immediately install on your computer.

Download Access for Free!

Microsoft Access Overview

In 2018, Microsoft Access officially retired from its position as the top database management system. It had been renowned for its user-friendly graphical interface and robust software development tools. Despite its retirement, Microsoft still offered support to its existing users.

Thankfully, Microsoft has reinstated the app, and it is included in the Microsoft 365 bundle.

Access simplifies the process of entering, working together on, monitoring, and presenting information. This tool has gained widespread popularity, being embraced by various enterprises ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to non-profit entities.

It also has applications for home users who want to create extensive databases and programmers and developers who are curating databases for software and apps.Access databases

Database templates include Blank, Asset Tracking, Contacts, Student, Task Management, and Nutrition

Access Features

  • Create and Share Apps: You don’t have to possess coding skills in order to develop business applications. Whether you choose to utilize pre-made templates or customize them according to your needs, Access provides a user-friendly platform. Its intuitive design tools allow you to begin without requiring any specialized training.
  • Customize your data to improve performance: Utilize app design to effectively identify sales patterns and gain a deeper understanding of your clients. Visual Basic for Applications empowers you to automate business workflows, streamlining the creation of user-friendly forms for seamless data importation.
  • Compatible with several data sources: You can seamlessly integrate Access with leading SQL software such as SQL Server and Microsoft Azure to improve reliability, security, scaling up the data volume.

Additional Microsoft 365 Apps

  • Word: Get all the word processing tools and feature you need when you download Word. It comes with all sorts of formatting options, font types and sizes, editing tools, and much more.
  • Excel: When it comes to creating spreadsheets, there’s nothing that Excel can’t do. From basic list keeping to advanced mathematical formulas and curating data from multiple sheets, it’s all included in the Microsoft 365 bundle.
  • PowerPoint: From fun presentations to the ones that are fit for the boardroom, PowerPoint has the templates and feature you need. You can add transitions between each slide and have the content animate on each slide, PowerPoint makes it easy to bring your vision to life. It has several helpful presenter tools, like pre-recording messages, notes, and remote access to switch slides
  • OneDrive: Microsoft 365 has an excellent collection of productivity apps, but it’s the OneDrive storage that makes them so accessible for all users. Each subscription includes 1 TB of cloud-based storage, so you can upload your documents, share with colleagues, and give editing or download access to those that need it.


Is Microsoft Access free?

While there is no completely free version of Access, you can download a free 30-day trial., along with the entire Microsoft 365 collection of desktop apps.
Can I download Access as a standalone app?

The full version of Access can only be downloaded as a part of Microsoft 365.. However, Microsoft introduced Access Runtime, which can be downloaded as a standalone app while Access was retired. However, you can’t create new databases; you can only manage and work with existing ones.
Is Access secure?

Access has several different methods to secure your data, including password protection and advanced encryption, making it impossible for anyone to see your data without authorization.
Download Microsoft Access now!